GreenSticks - Complete Herbal Formula Kit


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Energy Formula
Sexytime Formula
Hangover Formula
Relaxation Formula
Greensticks Battery
Battery USB Charger

Each cartridge has approximately 300 hits of the formula. A full dose is 3-5 drags, waiting about 10 minutes between doses. Dosage may vary slightly.

Does not contain propylene-glycol, or any solvents and is an ideal plant based alternative to other harmful extract processes.


Who knew this could be so great?

When traveling this is such a great supplemental energy source with no calories or heart racing effects, the Energy formula is so much easier on my heart compared to the caffeine drinks and pills at gas stations.
There is a steady awareness that is subtle, no jitters, nausea, inability to concentrate, having to stop for the bathroom every thirty minutes, or sweating profusely just sitting and driving.

The rest is a good one to use when we are training in the field and it is otherwise difficult to fall asleep but if I have to get up there hasn't been any greater difficulty being awake for the task at hand.
The Hangover formula has been used for exhaustion headaches from extended working hours and is helpful although having proper hydration and nutrition are essential and this is used only as a back up to those.
Sexy time formula is unused since I'm single, will hopefully make for a great wedding night sometime...
Such a great addition to my travel bags... Honeymoon someday.

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