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Safe and effective Matrix to help maintain bone mineral density. Bones are living tissue, consisting of a hard outer shell with a spongy inner core, that constantly replenish themselves. Every day new bone cells (osteoblasts) are created to replace old bone cells (osteoclasts).

This process naturally slows down with age. Matrix features the Ostivone Ipriflavone blended with a patented amino acid chelated calcium and magnesium to support healthy bone density.* Did you know? According to the National Institutes of Health, up to 90% of peak bone mass is acquired by age 18 in girls and by 20 in boys. Around age 30 they have reached their maximum strength and density.

Why Ostivone - Ipriflavone? Ostivone is the only non-hormonal nutrient that has been shown in clinical studies to maximize bone density and inhibit bone loss. What is the best form of calcium and magnesium to take? When taking supplements, the "form" that a nutrient is in can influence how well it is absorbed and used. The best forms of calcium and magnesium to supplement are calcium bisglycinate chelate and magnesium bisglycinate chelate.

OneBode's calcium from Albion combines science and a patented technology to create an organic calcium and magnesium chelate that is well absorbed and used by the body. Calcium bisglycinate chelate was absorbed at a rate that was: 82% greater than calcium citrate 87% greater than calcium carbonate (even with meals) 165% greater than calcium as hydroxyapatite Matrix also includes a vegetarian enzyme blend that includes amylase, protease I, protease II, serrapeptidase (Peptizyme SP), lipase, invertase, cellulase, lactase, maltase and hemicellulase.

OneBode Lifestyle Tips: Eat a well balanced diet rich in whole grains, vegetables and fresh fruits. Limit intake of sugar, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and salt. Exercise daily, preferably weight bearing activity such as walking.

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