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Why is iron important to the body? Iron is a mineral that is used for healthy cardiovascular function, immune function and has an impact on physical energy levels and cognitive performance.* The body also uses folate and B12 with iron in the healthy production of red blood cells.* 

Who may need extra dietary iron? According to the National Institutes of Health, women who are pregnant, teenage girls and women in their child bearing years, especially with heavy menstrual cycles, may benefit from increasing iron in their diets. Vegetarians may also consider eating more sources of iron due to the lower absorption of non-heme form of iron, as compared to heme iron found in meats.

Adequate iron stores are also important for athletes who engage in endurance exercise performance. 

Why is OneBode's Iron (ferrous bisglycinate chelate) the better alternative? In common forms, minerals are difficult for the body to absorb in the intestines. OneBode's minerals combine science with a patented technology to produce mineral compounds bound to amino acids chelates that pass easily through the intestinal wall. This form of iron has many attributes:

  •  Does not interact with other nutrients
  • Safer than typical iron salts
  •  Less gastric upset
  • Bioavailable (easily absorbed) 
  • Supports overall health
  •  Vegetarian friendly

Ferrous bisglycinate chelate absorption is controlled by your body's iron stores, making it safe to use. 

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