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OneBode Build is a well formulated product that supports the growth of lean muscle, the creation of usable energy, the delay of muscle fatigue, and the improvement of recovery time from muscular use and injury with the ingredient combination of creatine, magnesium, glutamine and branch chain amino acids. Build is in the convenient capsule dosage form.


Magnesium and creatine have beneficial effects on various aspects of physiological activity. CREATINE is a compound that our body makes and uses to supply energy to muscle cells during training, ie weight lifting or other short burst movements. MAGNESIUM is a mineral that is needed for over 400 biochemical reactions within the body. It is ranked the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and is important for muscular health, nerve function, healthy immune function and healthy bones.


What makes Build unique is that it features CREATINE bounded with MAGNESIUM in one molecule. Creating magnesium creatine chelate with a patented technology protects the creatine molecule from transcending into inert creatinine, thus increasing the amount of the physiologically active creatine which is truly available for muscle cell metabolism resulting in much higher muscle energy.


Why Creatine Bound Magnesium:

  •     Creates a higher level of absorption and utilization than creatine monohydrate
  •     Greater bioavailability of creatine and magnesium
  •     Ergogenic activity is enhanced when magnesium creatine chelate is consumed
  •     Greater increase in intracellular water, an indicator of greater protein synthesis
  •     Clinical studies showed it most strongly regenerated energy needed for anaerobic performance
  •     Quick twitch muscle energy, which is needed for power movements in weight training, sprinting, hockey, football, baseball, golf, etc
  •     Enhances the body’s ability to generate and regenerate ATP for SLAMMING muscle performance
  •     Higher level of absorption than other combination regimens of magnesium and creatine
  •     NO LOADING needed
  •     Magnesium is an electrolyte and well known as a muscle nutrient
  •     Facilitates VITAL oxygen delivery to working muscle tissue
  •     Can be consumed with juice, water or other beverage of choice
  •     Delivers more energy

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