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Let's talk about bowel movements.
Most people shy away when topics of bowel movements or "poop" come up. Your bowels are your large intestine (colon). This is the last portion of your digestive system after food has moved through your stomach and small intestines absorbing nutrients from the foods and drinks. 


Why is regular movements and cleansing important? 

Regular movements eliminate food waste, chemical toxins and potentially harmful bacteria and fungi. Toxins range from the degradation of food waste, pesticides and chemicals in foods heavy metals. 


Why Remove? 

  1. Remove is a well rounded formulation supporting three areas for healthy colon function. Regular Movements. Remove combines digestible and non-digestible fibers like psyllium and pectin to "brush" the intestinal walls. This gelatinous bulk cleanses the walls of the intestines and binds toxins for safe removal. The average American does not eat enough fiber in their diet. Remove helps to add it back in. 
  2. Safe Removal Of Toxins. In addition to fiber binding to toxins, the superfood Chlorella was added to Remove to support cleansing. This small single cell organism binds to heavy metals and other toxic pollutants to be expelled safely by the body. 
  3. Healthy Intestinal Lining. The functional integrity of the intestinal lining relates to its proliferation and cellular turnover. Remove offers a patented form of glutamine that fuels the intestinal lining. Deglycyrrhizinated licorice root (DGL) supports the healthy lining and removal of mucus. 
  4. Looking for a Mild Cleanse? This Mild 3-week Cleanse contains a guide for meal planning, nutrient timing and exercise. Build your custom case with 2 Flo, 2 Blend, 2 Remove and 6 Live. 

Take a look. Stool consistency depends on many factors such as how much fiber you are eating, how much fluids you drink and how long the stools sits in your colon. 

Bristol Stool Chart shows 7 categories of what your stool may look like. Every person will have different bowel habits. Type 3 and 4 are soft and easy to pass and ideal.

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