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The need to supplement your diet A daily dietary intake of vitamins and minerals is essential for growth and ongoing maintenance of the body.Common farming practices and food preparation techniques have affected the overall nutritional content of the foods we eat by lowering their value. For example, foods are picked for selling prior to fully ripening with maximum nutrient density and cooking practices such as grilling, baking and stir-frying can further reduce the quantity of these nutrients before we eat them.


OneBode Blend is a "foundation product" along with Flo. While Flo helps you to extract the most from your meals, Blend helps to replenish your meals with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins for a strong foundation for health.


"We have seen the future of medicine, and the future is food."

Dr. Mitch Gaynor, NY Strang Center for Cancer Prevention


Not all vitamins and minerals are the same 


The majority of adults in the US take one or more dietary supplements either every day or occasionally. It's important to select dietary supplements that are easy for the body to absorb and use. It is easy to do once you know what to look for.  

What makes Blend's minerals unique? Your body craves minerals. Minerals in their natural inorganic form (i.e mineral salts, ionic, and colloidal) are poorly absorbed by the body. Our body attempts to convert ingested inorganic minerals into biological organic minerals through the process of chelation for absorption. Without chelation the minerals leave the body without being absorbed. Blend's minerals are special organic mineral elements known as mineral amino acid chelates. Created using science and a patented technology, these chelates gives the body the ultimate chance to absorb for the best biological advantage. Science makes all the difference


Just as nature intended, vitamins and antioxidants from foods

Vitamins are substances from food that you body needs to grow and develop normally. When derived from foods, vitamins are complexes that have enzymes and co-factors that support its absorption and use in the body. Blend's vitamin C is derived from Acerola cherries, giving you the best form for absorption over synthetic or isolated varieties found in other products. Blend also contains a blend of foods to boost phytonutrient intake, along with a blend of nutrients (grape seed, grape skin and pine bark extract) with antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help to support healthy cellular function throughout the body.


Proprietary Enzymatic Blend

The final touch is the addition of a blend of vegetarian enzymes to support the breakdown of the food components within the formulation.  

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