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OneBode Flo chewables are vital for maintaining maximum health in children. These remarkable chewables strengthen and support children’s delicate digestive systems by supplying them with powerful nutrients that have been proven to help prevent a myriad of digestive disorders. Such ingredients include a full complex of essential plant enzymes that address each of the body’s digestive needs.


Flo chewable enzyme and probiotic chewable tablets also contain superior, stabilized probiotic strains that help to complete the digestive process, actually produce enzymes as they grow, eliminate toxins and help build the first line of defense. According to the National institutes of Health, 62 million Americans are diagnosed with digestive diseases each year. Children are especially vulnerable when it comes to digestive diseases as these disorders can result in abnormalities of growth, poor health and even death.


What is Missing?

Processed foods are missing the vital enzymes necessary to ensure proper digestion. In addition, these nutrient foods change the internal pH of the body, making survival of your child’s friendly bacteria difficult. Add to that the overuse of antibiotics, which kill your child’s first line of defense, their friendly bacteria. You can see the potential for disaster. Fortunately, Bold 4 Kids chewables help add back the vital enzymes and probiotics.


Here is what your child needs for total digestion:

  • A complete array of plant enzymes - different foods require different enzymes. For example, fats require the enzyme lipase; proteins require protease; etc. These enzymes are naturally in all raw foods but are killed during the preparation of foods when cooked or processed.
  • Stabilized (proven to survive the harsh stomach environment and implant in the intestines) friendly bacteria/probiotics help the nutrients assimilate past the gut wall and into the bloodstream. These friendly bacteria also boost your child’s immune system.
  • Amino acid chelated minerals activate the enzymes to ensure full metabolism of the nutrient at the cellular level. Organic amino acid chelated minerals are the most highly absorbed and the least toxic minerals available.

Suggested Uses

  • Support healthy digestion

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