About us

Humble beginnings back in 2006


Who Are We?

Sean and Tylene Loomer, are passionate for teaching and inspiring others to give their body the nutrients it needs, allowing the body to heal itself. To do their own research and to seek out the best natural sources for general nutrition, alternative medicine & overall healthy lifestyle. They have co-founded companies such as OneBode & Go Beyond Natural to educate and create a movement on how simple it can be to take your health into your own hands. Sean & Ty are currently traveling as inspiring speakers with their free spirited, entertaining & unique style! 


Tylene Loomer


Tylene Loomer turned her dream of saving the world and helping people into a life's work. A speech she had given in college on nutrition turned out to be the beginning of a life-changing experience. Originally from Cape Cod, at 21, Tylene moved to Arizona where she embarked on a health-inspired and spiritual journey. She began to study nutrition and buy local produce, surrounding herself with educated, motivated, and positive people in the health industry. Meanwhile, Tylene's father, while thin, suffered a heart attack, supporting her suspicion that looking healthy and attractive on the outside doesn't always mean that the body's systems are functioning optimally.

Tylene found her true passion in nutrition and became a candid advocate for total health, inside and outside, supplements, and preventative care. For almost 20 years, Tylene has trained doctors and professional athletes on nutrition and marketing, with a keen interest in digestion and food sensitivities.

Tylene was often frustrated by the lack of quality in, and the lack of quality research behind, many of the nutritional advice she heard. She believes in the power of self-education, and in teaching others to begin their own personal research and to seek out the best natural sources for supplements and general nutrition. OneBode was founded on these principles.  Tylene later co-founded Go Beyond Natural as well as created product formulas for several companies
​ and currently travels speaking on healthy living.​

Tylene has a passion for people and for being outdoors, where there's so much we can learn from nature. She leads a high energy lifestyle, loves to travel, and loves cooking with local and fresh foods. She says, "The truth resonates," and she lives to share what she's learned and experienced.


Sean Loomer


Sean Loomer went to college on a football scholarship and has coached youth and high school athletics ever since. Always interested in supporting the health of his players, Sean began looking into optimizing his own nutritional and lifestyle choices in the mid-90s, after losing his mother to colon cancer. He researched supplements, natural medicine, whole food nutrition, and even began juicing on a regular basis. On the outside, it looked like Sean was already the picture of good health. On the inside, he knew he had a lot more learning to do - for himself and, in turn, for his children.
After earning his business degree from National University in San Diego, Sean started (and sold) many successful businesses. The common thread to these ventures was Sean's impulse to prevent exploitation of people who didn't have access to information. His first goal in every venture; to educate, so that the customer could be empowered to make informed decisions. Sean earned a reputation as a motivator (especially with his skills learned through coaching), as a natural speaker, and as someone who could bring the best and brightest minds together in the pursuit of a shared goal.

When Sean and Tylene started OneBode, Sean realized that he could encourage people to improve their own health, share his personal experiences learning to balance western and "natural alternative" lifestyle elements, and use his communication skills to give a strong voice to nutritional research that can help people make better personal choices.

​Sean later co-founded Go Beyond Natural where he educates & trains other inspiring entrepreneurs. ​Sean has worked with ​the ​NBA, NF​L​, NHL teams, athletes, coaches & trainers. Inspiring true health in others has become his most passionate professional endeavor.

He enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle, including traveling, hiking, working out, and spending time at the beach.